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Sorry i still dont have a translation of my video but i will try again soon. In the video it says that my goal is to be able to be fluent in spanish by the end of the year. I am trying this in a non spanish speaking country.

So far I am going to admit that I have downloaded torrents of products. I not going to justify it I am just going to be honest. I didn’t just download any. These are products that emphasize Speaking and listening. This is what I believe is the most important thing you can do when learning a language. I wont provide the torrents here, but they are easily found if you know what you are doing.

The first course I downloaded was synergy spanish. This has been great to teach me how to put spanish sentences together and how to improvise with spanish.( By the way I do not create links that make me money. I only provide the links to the web pages so you can see the actual sales pitch from them on what they are about).

Synergy Spanish is based on the 80/20 concept. 80 percent of the things said come from 20 percent of the vocabulary. I don’t know if these are exact figures, but it makes sence. I mean look at this post, or listen to what you say. Most of the words you say are the same old words over and over again.

Marcus didn’t just pick any random words. He chose specific words that allowed someone to learn his course and actually get by in a spanish speaking country for a few weeks.(Albiet with a phrase book handy). Like I said it teaches you how to be spontaneous with spanish and improvise the sentences you want to say.

I have completed that course(torrent downloaded.)Now I am using Learning Spanish Like Crazy(also torrent downloaded). That is not all. I have also downloaded Rossetta Stone 3 for Latin American Spanish. I know that it gets a bad rap, especially from someone I really respect(Benny the Irish polyglot), and if I had to buy it I would probably agree. But I didn’t buy it and I am not using it as a primary or even secondary source of language learning.

I am married with 4 kids and I work partime and go to school full time(trying to become a doctor). I also live in New Zealand, which is not know for its Spanish communities. I’m not saying I wouldn’t be able to find someone to communicate with, its that I don’t get many opportunities to myself for me to go do that. When I do get those opportunities, they are at unplanned times(nap time).

So I pull Rossetta stone out during those time. But I don’t use Rossetta stone the way it was designed. I turn off speach recognition(because it sucks I mean my kid screamed and it said I got the word right). I use it as an active reading and listening test. Its allways at my level so I am never listening to something maybe a bit advanced for me.

Once I am done with Learning spanish like crazy, I then plan on going on to rocket spanish and then the fsi pragmatic course. (This last one is actually free to everyone. No torrent for this one needed.)

Now these are just the courses. In my next post I will explain more about what I am actually doing to learn spanish by the end of the year.

Hasta la proxima

P.S.(don’t get mad that I am missing symbols. I don’t know how to put the spanish characters in yet)


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