The video is done and ready to post, but I am still waiting on a correction to spanish from Lang-8.com.  While I was waiting I thought I might as well point out some observations about making this video:

  1. I need to practice improvising more.  I didn’t do a bad job, given that I only started a couple months ago.  That said, even though I feel like I had the skills to put together some good sentences, I obviously don’t have the skills necessary to string multiple sentences together.  You will notice that I say “y” alot…..This is my makeshift UHM.  Despite the fact that I know “pues” and “bueno” and “vale” are much better spanish filler words, when it came down to doing the video I forgot them.
  2. If you don’t have something to talk about, you will say nothing. I actually had to film the video a couple of time.  There are a couple of reasons why, but one was because I had no idea on what I should talk about.  I ended up talking about my family and the weather.  If this was a date, I would have been ditched by now.
  3. Kids make everything harder. The other reason I had to do multiple takes is that as soons as I started recording, they would start “something” that would mean I would have to get off.  I love my kids, but it does seem incredible that children always seem to start fighting at time/place that is the MOST inconvienent.
  4. I want to make more of these. I want to practice some more first, but this will definately not be my last.  It pushes me to improve and it gives me something that I can judge. 

With those observations in mind, I have now added an output activity to my output day list.  That is I will record myself talking about a subject.  I will then go back and listen for possible corrections.  I am also going to do a video once a month.  That way I will have a monthly record of my progress.

With out further ado…….

Here is the video, and I will put up the English and Spanish transcripts of the video.  I will post the corrected version from Lang-8.com as soon as it is available.

Hola que tal?
Estoy aqui en Nueva Zelandia todavia y estoy aqui en nueva zelandia porque tengo una esposa de nueva zelandia. Tengo tres hijos….Tengo cuatro hijos, tres hijas y un hijo. Es verano en Nueva Zelandia. Voy a hacer nuestra primer navidad en verano. Me gusta….Me encanta navidad mucho. Y tengo mucho feliz que mi familia voy a ir a la playa en deciembro para celebrar navidad. No tengo mucho mas. estoy todavia aprendiendo Espanol. gracias por todo y buenos dias

Hello was up?

I’m still here in New Zealand and I’m here in New Zealand because I have a wife from New Zealand. I have three children …. I have four children, three daughters and one son. It’s summer in New Zealand. I’m have our first Christmas in the summer. I like …. I love Christmas a lot. And I am very happy that I am going to go to the beach in december to celebrate Christmas. I don’t have much more. I’m still learning Spanish.  Thanks for everything and good day.



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4 responses to “Observations

  1. Logan

    hi 🙂 Nice attempt. Your accent is pretty good considering how long you havent learned. Some corrections:

    1. Spanish speakers say “Nueva Zelanda” more frequently
    2.”Voy a hacer nuestra primer navidad en verano.” translates to “Im going to do our first christmas in summer” , I think its better to say ” voy a pasar mi primer navidad durante el verano”
    3. “Me encanta navidad mucho” you need “la navidad”
    4. ‘Y tengo mucho feliz que mi familia voy a ir a la playa en deciembro para celebrar navidad” – same thing with “la navidad” , and also happiness is “felicidad”
    ” Y tengo mucha felicidad porque mi familia y yo vamos a ir a la playa en diciembre para celebrar la navidad” sounds better to me.
    5. “No tengo mucho mas.” would song better as “No tengo mucho más que decir” = I dont have much more to say”

    6.”estoy todavia aprendiendo Espanol”, should be “Todavía estoy aprendiendo el Español”

  2. Hi,

    I just discovered your blog. I really agree with your four points, especially the first one. There’s nothing like the pressure of having to speak on the spot to help strengthen your memory and get the words to slide out more easily. I think it’s great that you’re making videos to get feedback. And I’m also a big fan of Lang-8 🙂

    Your Spanish seems pretty good, and your accent was slight. Logan’s corrections were very good. A few other things I noticed:

    -It’s primera navidad, not primer (feminine noun)
    -It’s fine to say me gusta mucho or me encanta, but me encanta mucho is a little bit of overkill
    -It sounds better to say Estoy muy feliz, just like we’d say it in English

    Overall, very good. Best of luck with learning Spanish!

    • I have now just discovered yours as well. I very much appreciate the help on this journey I am taking into the spanish speaking world. I decided that since I couldn’t put myself on the spot by being in a conversation with someone, I would do this video. I even put the post that I was going to do a video, that way I would do it.

      Thanks again for the help

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