If you talk to yourself, are you crazy?

Many have heard me say that I have a hard time finding opportunities to do intercambios(language exchanges), I can maximize my time and find ways to learn languages while doing mindless tasks, but when it comes to talking to another person I find it very difficult to find a time that I can commit to leaving my already stressed out wife to go and do a 30 minute skype call in the other room.

So what are you going to do about it?

I already mentioned in a previous posts that I am now recording myself and I will be making a monthly video, but I really haven’t felt it was enough.  Talking to myself has been very challenging and fun, but it is missing one important thing:  instant feedback.  The best part of doing that video was I got 3 or 4 posts right away on how to fix my spanish!  That feedback is priceless for a language learner.

I have also mentioned that I would love to have a service that was like lang-8 for speaking, but so far I haven’t found anyone who offers anything like it.  Then, while trying to figure out what to do, someone in the “how to learn any language forum” gave me a great idea.  He recommended that I post the audio online and let others stream or download it so they can correct it for me.  That’s taking the bull by the horns.  So here I go!


You will notice(or maybe not)that I have added two new parts to my blog.  The first is  a new page I created  called correct my spanish.  The other is a twitter feed on the right hand side. What do these have to do with each other and how is this going to help my Spanish?  Well let me explain and you will see.

What I will be doing is making a recording in spanish every other day on my Output days.  I will try to talk for as long as I can about a different subject each time(subjects can be similar, but not the same i.e talk about children one day and maybe talk about children’s hobbies another, ect).  I may have to use Spanglish here and there to fill in the gaps if I have to, but I will do all I can to keep the audio in Spanish.  Once I have recorded it I will then post the audio online using kiwi6.com

How do we play in this?

This is where my new twitter feed and Correct My SpanishPage come in.  I will post a link to the audio in my twitter feed and on the correct my spanish page at the same time.  If and when you have comments, please leave them in the comments section of the correct my spanish page or e-mail them to me at wantspeakspanish [at] gmail [dot] com.

As a side note, I will also be putting up random thoughts about learning spanish on my twitter feed.  I don’t care if you follow me or not, I only created the twitter feed to put a notice up on the front page that a new audio file is ready.  But I noticed it also let me put up little random thoughts that I have that I think would be beneficial to have on my blog, but not something I want to write a whole post about.  It also lets me share cool stuff that I find from around the web.

 Of course, if anyone wants me to do the help their english in the sameway, you are more than welcome to email me or place a comment in the Correct my spanish page and I will listen to it.  If you place it in the comment section, you might be able to get some others to listen to it as well and help correct your english.

Hopefully, this will be the next best thing to having an intercambio.  What do you think?  I wish I had some type of forum or something else that would let me put this up for everyone else.  Maybe one day, but in the mean time it would help me a lot if you can help me out by correcting my Spanish. Thank you in advance.



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4 responses to “If you talk to yourself, are you crazy?

  1. Hi Travis,
    I left a comment on a recent post, but I hadn’t had time to look around your blog until now. I am so impressed with your approach to learning Spanish! You have a plan, and passion, and also the flexibility to make it work. You are a risk-taker, which is also essential.
    Ahora cambio al español para darte un pocp más de práctica. Está super bien la idea del video y te prometo participar cuando hagas el próximo. Por el momento, solo te quiero mencionar algo (a lo mejor ya sabes) – hay que considerar y evaluar bien ‘las correciones” que te dan en los comentarios. Unas personas que escribieron esta vez no hablan mucho español y cometen más errores en lo que escriben que tú en el video. Just something to keep in mind. 🙂
    I love that you are teaching your kids Spanish too. I’ll be back, but be sure to let me know if you have any questions!

    • Thank you. Its always good to here when someone likes what you are doing. I just hope I can keep people interested long enough that I can learn spanish sufficiently. Gracias que vas a participar el proximo vez y que ya comprendo que algunos commentarios son mejores que otros. Participo en unos foros y recibo commentarios de otras. cuanto mas que recibir, mejor puedo evaluar bien los commentarios. Hopefully my kids will watch me and want to continue learning spanish. I definately think, generaly speaking, that it is one of top most useful languages to learn. Thanks again for participating

  2. Kara

    Hay un sitio lenguajero.com para practicar con otras personas.

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