A few random thoughts leading up to Navidad

I don’t know how much I will be able to post during this christmas weekend, maybe a few tweets here and there, but for the most part I will be enjoying my christmas and family.  I am also not planning on being able to get much Spanish learning in, this is where my 15 mins a day comes in handy.  Before I go completely incommunicado, there are a few random thoughts I have had over the past few days.

Input and output will always progress at differently.

My ability to understand Spanish has surpassed my ability to speak spanish. In other words,  I “know” more words when I hear them, than I “know” how to speak.  To be honest, this is the same in English as well.  I can read books or listen to English that is spoken at a higher level than I can produce myself.  I don’t know if this has always been this way, nor do I know if my Spanish(or English) will stay that way.  All I know is that this confirms what I have said earlier about Input and Output: Input and Output are separate skills and should be evaluated separately.

Correct My Spanish has been amazingly helpful for me.

I am quite taken back by those that have helped me out with my Spanish.  Correct my Spanish has been much more successful than I realized it could be.  It has challenged me alot, but I can already feel that difference in my ability to produce spanish.  Maybe no one else notices any difference yet, but for me it feels like night and day.  I will keep on making audio recording and if anyone gets a chance, please listen and correct me!  Gracias, Gracias, GRACIAS.  By the way, the offer still stands, if you want me to listen to you speak English you are more than welcome to e-mail me at wantspeakspanish [at] gmail [dot] com.

Time to make a new video

It coming to the end of the month, and it’s time for me to make a new video.  Last time, I ended up being rather boring, because I had nothing to talk about.  This time I will be better prepared.  What I need now are some ideas, so please send me some ideas in the comments below on what I can talk about in my new video.  I plan on making it sometime after Christmas and before the New Year.  I will be including the transcript and translation as well and let you guys tear me to bits(be nice!!)  So please, I would rather talk about something you guys want to hear, so tell me what you want to hear and I will make a video.   Even if it’s just a question you want me to answer I will do my best!

Thanks again and a very special Feliz Navidad to everyone!



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6 responses to “A few random thoughts leading up to Navidad

  1. Jose Ramon

    Hello, Travis. Congratulations for your blog. I´ve liked it a lot. My name is Jose Ramón. I live in Spain and I was thinking about to publish a blog to learn English. Your blog is fantastic!. I´ve only read a few posts but I would like to talk to you. Can you speak by Skype at any time of the week?. I can talk from 19:30 t 23:30 in job days and 9:00 to 14:00 or 16:00 to 23:00 on weekend (Madrid Time).

    He visto que has grabado varios archivos con tu voz. Voy a escuchar algunos y te doy mi opinión. Por cierto, respecto al vídeo, te propongo varios temas que a mi interesan:

    – Como se celebra la navidad en nueva zelanda
    – Quien trae los regalos a los niños (¿Santa Claus?). En España se los traen los reyes magos
    – ¿Cual es la comida tipica de la Navidad en Nueva Zelanda?
    – ¿Como se celebra el fin de año?
    – etc…

    By the way, I´ve seen in TV News that it was a hearthquake in New Zealand. I hope you are goog. I live in Murcia and here it was one of them seven months ago and seven people died. I am fear to them.

    Please, if you have time, correct me the sentences in English. As you can see my english is bad. However, the most important problem for me is understand. I agrre with you. It´s not the same input that output. I know much more words in Englis that what I can to speak.

    Have a nice christmas!

    • Thanks for compliment, I definately want to see your blog when it is ready. I don’t typically have alot of free time, but I might be able to find time this week. you can e-mail me at wantspeakspanish [at} gmail.com and maybe we can arange a time to skype. gracis que me da temos para mi video. voy a hacer mi video muy pronto. I was not anywhere close to the earth quake so I am safe. It is sad what has happened in Christchurch. I can correct you English…Would you like me to correct it here? or send you and e-mail

  2. Daniel

    Quizá puedes hablar sobre cómo es la vida en Nueva Zelanda. Cómo es la gente en cuanto a su comportamiento, etc. Cosas así.

  3. Catherine

    I love your blog. It has already given me several ideas. It’ s great. Please keep posting!

    • Thank you so much. It’s nice to know people like my random thoughts I give. I will definately keep posting, it helps me so much to post things. I am glad to know it helps others as well. Thanks again.

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