Happy New Years!!!!!

It’s New years eve in New Zealand and I thought I would mention a few things about resolutions.  I like resolutions.  No I don’t always reach my resolutions and sometime the thing that made me want them change and so I don’t want to continue on with them.  Despite these facts, There is something refreshing about starting over and saying to yourself this year I am going to do better!

How do you set New Years resolutions?

The greatest advice I have ever heard was, count how many resolutions you kept last year and add one.  That is the greatest amount of resolutions you should make.  The second greatest advice I was given was that resolutions should be broad, while goals should be specific.  That way you can adjust your goals around the resolutions you have chosen.

Last year I set a resolution to learn Spanish.  Originally I set a goal to speak it by the end of the year, but then we moved to New Zealand and that changed things a lot.    It was around august that I finally got back on track and set a goal for 10 months from then to finish spanish(June of 2012).  So looking back I would still say I kept my resolution.  My goals changed, but the resolution to learn Spanish stayed true and I kept it.

So that means you can make two resolutions this year

Yes and my resolutions are going to be very similar to each other this year.  The first resolution that I would like to make is to Learn Spanish.  Yes I can set the same resolutions again.  My goal is still to learn Spanish by the end of June so it just makes sense to set Spanish as my goal again.

My second resolution is maybe way out there, but I think I would like to visit a spanish speaking country.  My goal is Spain.  Why Spain?  My wife and I have wanted to go to Europe for a long time, and so Spain just made sense.  I also would really love to go visit the South American spanish speaking countries as well, but I had to choose one and this made the most sense given that we also want to visit Europe.  This goal can change though, but resolution still remains.

Do I have any Idea of how I am going to pay for that?  No Idea.  But I guess I have a year to figure that out.  If anyone has any ideas on ways I can go, let me know.  (I will probably try to take my older daughters so hostels are not really an option for me)

Thanks for letting me share this journey with you guys so far.  I would like to wish a happy New Year and a prosperous New year for everyone.  If anyone has any resolutions they would like to share, please share them with me.



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3 responses to “Happy New Years!!!!!

  1. ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! ¡Espero que sus deseos se hacen realidad!

    I love the resolutions! I’m still in the process of figuring mine out, but you can expect I’ll write a blog post about it!

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