Bueno, Entonces…

As I said in one of my recent twitter posts, when my father-in-law offers to take me and my family out on his boat for 1 day it really means 3 days.  It was great, though!  We went to three different islands and swam at each one. One of the nights, My father-in-law, a family friend, and I went out and fished for 3 hours and caught 17 beautiful snappers (I only caught two of them) and then we had homemade fish and chips the next day for lunch.  Loved every minute of it.  The boat really makes an impromptu vacation fun, despite it being three times as long as I thought.

With all that happening, I bet you thought that I didn’t do any spanish study the three days I was gone.  Not only did I do spanish study, I did at least 30 mins each day.  I turned out for me to take me new Christmas present out for a drive.  What present was that?  Bueno, Entonces….

What is Bueno, Entonces…

First of all I want to mention that not only can I not put affiliate links on my free wordpress.com site, I don’t anyway.  I made this blog to comment on my journey learning Spanish. However if you want to send me money go right ahead, but I am not going to review a product on my website if everyone thinks it’s just because I am trying to make money.

Anyway, I often look for free apps to download about spanish.  Most of them I already have already mentioned in my dictionary post, pretty much all the other apps are not worth the time it takes to download them.  Still, I look around and there is one that would catch my eye a lot, It said “Hey Gringo, Learn Spanish.” Despite catching my eye,  I never downloaded it.  Then about 2 weeks ago I decided to try it out.  At first I was disappointed because it was one of those get the first lesson free, but the rest will cost you money apps.  I decided I had downloaded it, I might as well see what this app is all about.

First thing I found out was that the course was actually called Bueno, Entonces… or in english, Well, so…..  They are both common filler words to start a sentence in the respective languages.  The second thing I found out was that Bueno, Entonces is freaking hilarious.  What I mean is that intermixed witht he teaching, is a hilarious interchange between David, the Englishman learning spanish, and Jimena, the Argentine teacher who only speaks spanish yet understands English.  Just a bit of warning, If it was to be rated by the US film industry it would probably be rated PG-13.  It is not for kids.

So why do you like it?

The program is 75 percent spanish.  David speaks English a lot as he learns more and more spanish, but Jimena, his teacher, speaks only Argentine Spanish.  There are also little clarification sections with 3 people, two who only speak spanish as they introduce new vocabulary and one who speaks english to clarify grammar for those who like to look under the hood of the language to see how it works.

The other feature is that there is a “Magic Whiteboard.” It displays in big bold letters the Spanish that is being spoken and then in little letters it shows the English translation down below.  The Whiteboard is color coded so that the verbs and nouns of the sentence can easily be found.

It was because of this feature that I used just this one course over my 3 day trip on the boat.  Being on a boat I didn’t have free space to myself.  So I didn’t want to just start speaking spanish and I didn’t want to look up all the words in I didn’t know in my dictionaries, because i had no internet connection and the offline dictionaries of my ipod require that I look up the verbs in the infinitive forms.

So how do you classify your program?

The class in definitely an Input based program.  There is never a time that they urge you to speak what is being spoken.  It is also a Yang style program, which means that it is unstructured and much of the spanish thrown at you is not spanish that they have taught you before hand.

This also means, as you will see from My System page, that I am temporarily dumping the lingq program from my list of input methods.  I like lingq and I will be returning to it soon when I have finished Bueno, Entonces, but the format made it difficult to study in a mobile form and that is what I need.  I need to be able to study anywhere I happen to find free time.  So that is what I did this week, now it back to fighting free time for the rest of my holiday off work.


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