Lets start from the very beginning

I have been talking about a new project now for about a week now and so I thought I would finally tell people what it is about.  I have written many times on this blog that spanish is not my first language that I learned.   When I was a missionary for my church, I lived in Thailand for about 2 years. I lived and worked in an immersive environment full of Thai language and culture.  I loved it!

10 years later, I feel like my Thai is now kinda like that old classic car sitting in the garage.  It still runs, but signs of its lack of use is all over the place.  I go take it on drive every so often just to make sure it still works, but I know one day I am going to go and try to start it and nothing will happen.

As much as I love spanish now and all the new friends I have made through this blog, Thai is my “first love” if you will.  I just can’t forget about it while I am developing a new love of Spanish.

So what’s the plan?

This weekend, I decided to try to assess where I am at now in my Thai.  I did take a test last year at Brigham Young University that said I had the same level of knowledge to pass a Thai 201 college course.  Unfortunately this was the highest level they tested and it was pass/fail exam.  Therefore I  really don’t know where to go with that.  I tried to read a few things and listen to a few things, but my gaps of knowledge didn’t really indicated where I  should start.  So I decided why not start at the beginning.

So my plan has two parts to it.  First of all Spanish is still my focus.  5 out of 7 days I will be doing nothing but Spanish.  On the weekend, I will be only be learning Thai.  Since its only two days I will make Saturday an input day and Sunday an output day.  And then the next week I will switch them just to make sure I don’t develop too much of a pattern.

What I am doing is starting from basic all over again.  Now to make sure its a challenge I wont be doing just one lesson at a time.  I will be trying to push through multiple lessons at a time.  I will be setting challenging goals to push me through those beginning lessons.  For example, I wanted to rememorize the names, tone class, and tone markers of all the Thai characters.  I did this in one afternoon.  It wasn’t too hard since I had memorized them before, but it took a week to learn them last time.

The second part is that I am making a basic Thai course.  I have learned a few things about learning languages now that I am working on my third language. I feel that I can create a real value in helping others learn Thai.  I am still writing this course, but I hope to have it finished in a month.

So are you changing the title of the blog?

No, I am actually making a new blog.  This will stay my Spanish blog.  I have a separate blog for my Thai goals and thoughts about relearning Thai.  I am also hoping that I can find beta testers for course.  More information about it can be found at my Thai blog.  Will I double post stuff that may be relevant to both blogs, sure I probably will.  For the most part, they will be separate more for my benefit in separating my thoughts than for any other reason.

There you go.  That is my new project.  Will it crash and burn in my face?  I hope not, but I am open to that fact.  I have enjoyed the power of blogging in helping me learn as much spanish as I have already learned and I hope it will help me clean up my Thai and bring it beyond what it once was.



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4 responses to “Lets start from the very beginning

  1. Reblogged this on I want 2 speak Thai and commented:
    This is a reblog from my Spanish blog since it pertains to both

  2. well, there isn´t more to say, let´s work, and dont give up.
    Bueno, no hay mas nada que decir, a trabajar y no te rindas.
    I saw your posts and i like it, it´s seen that you really want to leard spanish.
    He visto tus posts y me gustan, se ve que en verdad quieres aprender español.

    Anything i can help you ok.
    Cualquier cosa te puedo ayudar. ok


    Juan Jose, Venezuela, 20

    • Muchas gracias! es verdad que quiero hablar bastante español. El ritmo de español es muy suave it lo me gusta el español mucho. Espero que pronto voy a poder hablar bastante fluez. Gracias por querer ayudarme. Si necesitas ayuda, preguntame

  3. ok ,lo tendré en cuenta! y te puedo ayudar haciendo correcciones a las cosas que escribas en español y señalándote las fallas como en el comentario anterior, te lo pasaría por correo las correcciones de tu comentario y explicando el por que de ellos, te parece….


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