Plan of attack

First things first! when getting started.  You need to have a plan of attack.  You will never get anything accomplished if you have no idea on what you are planning on doing.

First thing I have done is I have adapted my system from my spanish blog.  I have two days a week I study and I will be spending one of them doing Input only activities and the other doing output only activities.  Unlike my Spanish blog, I am also incorporating not just speaking and listening, but Reading and writing as well.

So whats the plan?

I already mentioned this in the repost on getting started from the beginning.  I am going through basic courses as fast as I can to get myself back to the level I was.  Right now I using Pimleur and FSI Thai as an output based speaking activities.  I am also going to be learning to Type in Thai.  I already know how to write the Thai characters, so I figured learning to Type Thai was the next most important thing.

As for input based activities, I am going speed through the Manii course.  At the same time I will also be listening to Thai basic audio podcasts as much as possible to then go to the next level.   Like I said, I learned Thai once.  I am starting at the beginning to help me assess where I am.  If I still know it, I will get through it quickly.  Otherwise I now know where one of my deficiencies are.

Also I am working on my Basic Thai course.  Writing this is so helpful in resurrecting my Thai that it is worth doing no matter what.  If you want to learn Thai, try my Beta Test.



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