A day in the life of a language learning Dad

This is a picture of me and my daughter Felicity when she was less than a year old.  She is almost 5 now!  Kids grow up too fast!  It’s unbelievable that that person I was holding is getting ready to start going to school!  Scary!

Anyway, I have mentioned before that I started this blog, because many of the language learning blogs were made by single people living abroad in another country or at least in a country that has a significant community who speak the language.  That doesn’t mean their blogs are bad or that I don’t like them, but There was a voice that I wanted to give to those who are full-time workers/parents.

So I thought you would like to see what a typical work day is like for me.  It’s not that my life is really that interesting, but for me it is very important.  So here I go:

Me despierto y me levento no son los mismos

I typically wake up at 7:00 and then again at 7:10 and then again at 7:20, 7:30, and finally 7:40.  Only when I see that I can’t sleep any longer I get up.  I get ready for work and dash out to the car.  Now first thing I do, is plug in my ipod and turn it on to the podcast or lesson I am working on next.  This will depend on which day it is according to my system.

I have a 30 min drive to work, so I can get a lot done on the way there.  Drive times are probably when I get the most studying in at all.  I study everywhere I drive, even if its two mins away.  Two mins there and back means 4 mins of study.  That is 4 mins of perfecting my Spanish.

Trabajo como un receptionista

I have mentioned before that I am a receptionist. I don’t have many duties during the day, but they do like me to look busy.  Since I can’t just start speaking Spanish at work or listen to podcasts, I often write blog posts, read blog posts, and lately I am writing my Thai course.

For lunch I often walk over to a cafe near my work.  That way I can order food and study while I wait.  If it is an output day, I still just listen to a podcast at the cafe.  I don’t want to freak out the other guests with me spitting out, he desayunado esta manana or la pelota es azul.  Then I go back to work and same old same old till 5:00

Vuelvo a casa!

Of course I study on the way home.  When at home at open the door and usually say, “Hola, familia!”  Then I hear one of the best sounds in the world, “DADDY!!!!!!!”  It is usually not long after that I see what the kids of done to the house and we start the battle of who should clean what.  The exception to that was yesterday.  I came home and the place was wonderfully clean, even the kids bedrooms.  I threw out a ‘que orden’ and told them how proud I was that they cleaned up the house for me.

Dinner is often a tag team event for my wife and me.  Sometimes she cooks it all and sometimes I cook it all(she does that more often than me though), but usually it is a team effort.  This always my wife and I to communicate and talk about things.

After dinner I usually offer to do the dishes.  Why?  Because it gives me another opportunity to study spanish at the same time.  My wife notices this, but ignores the fact that I do dishes more is because I really want to study.

Despues, nos preparamos para dormir

A few nights a week, we try to watch a movie as a family.  Other times my wife and I will watch a movie just the two of us.  Then it’s off to bed and ready to start the day again

Like I said it’s not that my life is interesting, but my life is mine. I love it.  I wouldn’t change a thing!



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4 responses to “A day in the life of a language learning Dad

  1. Wonderful picture!. I have a daughter that she is 18 months ago. Your philosophy looks so much to mine because I can study just in the free times. I correct you only a few non-important things:

    “Me despierto y me levanto no son lo mismo”
    “Trabajo como recepcionista” (as “un recepcionista” is correct but it sounds rare)

    ¡Que pases un buen día, amigo!

    • Thanks for the help ONe correction for you….. “I have a daughter that is 18 months old” and “Your philosophy looks so much like mine, because I only study in my free time.”

      te agradezco mucho!

  2. It’s nice to have a friend like José Ramón to help you out!

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