Thoughts on creating a course

Since I only study Thai on the weekend, during the week my only exposure would be to my introductory Thai course that I am creating.  I thought this would be an interesting way to revive my dormant Thai, by not just studying from the beginning, but creating a method for others to follow me into fluency as well.  The hardest part is to not putting too much in my course.

Wouldn’t more be better?

Have you ever been to a buffet?  It’s all you can eat and there is a huge variety of food.  The choices are endless.  You are allowed to choose and no one stands in your way.  The interesting thing, for me anyway, is that even though there is a large variety, I typically go to the same things each time.  I may grab a couple of other things for variety, but I get the same food every time I go to that same buffet.

Same thing goes for Cable/satellite.  You buy all these 300 channel packages and where does most of your time spend?  Watching 3 or 4 channels.  half of those are the free ones you would have without cable.

Why is that?  I really have no idea.  There are probably many things going on that keep me and probably others from straying to far away.  I think one part of it is that we want a lot of a little instead of a little of a lot.  We don’t want to just sample, we want to partake.  Of course we could try to get a lot of a lot, but then that creates indigestion.  Ok I am done with the food analogy.

What does that have to do with your course?

After you are further along in a language, you now have this all you can eat buffet of knowledge you want to share.(sorry I can’t help it, I think maybe I should eat lunch).  The thing is that if I was to put all that in one course, your mind would explode after a few seconds.  So yes I have cut a lot of what most people would teach in a basic Thai course.  What is left is what I consider the most important part for one starting a new course, that is how to make the sentences You want to say. You will learn how to say chicken and you will learn how to say matches later, but learning how to say one hundred or so words that are used in almost 90 percent of the conversations you will have.  And then learn how to manipulate them and move them around so that you can improvise your own sentences is the most important skill to have in Thai or any language for that matter.

So the plan is that now I will use this blog as my outlet for all things that I love about Thai.  Thai culture from my point of view will become a regular topic.  Of course Thai food has been my favorite since I was there.  The more complex and more subtle things about Thai is what I will talk about.  And of course I will also talk about my evolution from someone who has Fluency in the language, but is lacking in-depth and breadth, to someone who is very proficient at a professional level.  Thats the plan.  I hope I make it.


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