Do I have to?!?

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that….I would have a lot of nickles.  This phrase, or something like it, so common in a parent’s life.  I know I told myself when I was a young adult I would never tell my kids because I said so!  What I didn’t know then was that you cannot reason with your kids sometimes.  And no matter the answer, you will always get a response similar to the one I put in the title.

So why am I talking about child tantrums on my blog about spanish?  Well I think adults get to have a tantrum as well.  Maybe we wont sit on the floor and scream about it (even though we may want to), but I think we get to throw questions that probably has no correct answer.  These are all questions that one could probably respond back with a ‘tantrum’ and cry out ” Do I have to?!?”  What is this question I have?  Simple.  Do I ever have to focus on one dialect or another?

That’s it?

Yes that’s it?  I know I am way off from this bridge ever needing to be crossed, but what I want to know is do I really need to focus on one country or one regions variant on Spanish?  Lets go through the list, When I was in highschool I made two very good friends who I still communicate with today.  One was from Chile and the other from Spain.  One of my closest work buddies learned spanish in Uruguay, but has married a Mexican-American partner.  On this blog I have made friends with some in Spain, Peru, and many others I am probably forgetting.

Then there are the blogs I read.  There is Vocabat  who has a colombian theme to her blog.  Latinaish has a Salvadoran back ground.  Then my courses also offer mixes of various Spanish feels.  Bueno Entonces is in Argentinian Spanish and Notes in Spanish is made in Spain.  So I have a lot of exposure to lots of variations of Spanish and I LOVE IT!

From the way they pronounce calle in Argentina to the way they pronounce the c’s and z’s in Castillian.  Every little variant is beautiful to me.  I love the changes each each country makes to the language.  It makes their own version of Spanish feel different and beautiful!

So what the problem?

Many have said, on various blogs that one day I am going to have to choose!  It is probably best if I pick on dialect now and focus on that.  Some have said beginners should focus on the dialect from this country because it is so neutral, or others have said I should focus on another dialect because of its influence on the media.  To all these people I say……Do I have to?!?  Really can’t I just love them all and partake in all the beauty that Spanish has to offer me?

So there you go that’s my question to the world.  Do I have to?  I really do want to hear everyone’s opinion.  I want to know if I am fooling myself into thinking I can keep this love affair with multiple dialects and choose just one.  Maybe not now, but eventually I might and I want to know why I should.

Since I am asking advice, I am also getting ready for a new video in a week.  I would like to know if anyone has any questions for me or things they would like me to speak about.  If they do I am more than happy to talk about it in my video. So that’s the home work, do I have to choose and what should I talk about in my video.  Thanks in advance.


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