How did I do?

In my last post I set several goals as I was getting ready to get through my weekend of Thai.  Now I thought I would let people know how I did.  It was a very interesting journey, but one that I think helped me a lot to know where I am and how much further till I get to where I want to be.

Input Goals

First of all I had an input goal to read the first book of the Mannii reader.  This I did in a about 10 minutes.  That is about what I expected.  I had hoped to come back and read the 2nd Mannii reader book, but I didn’t get the chance.  Either way I did complete the minimum of my goal.

The second part was I wanted to complete several Audio lessons of the Intermediate Thai and Colloquial Thai audio companions to the books of the same names.  Just to clarify how I judge my ability to complete an Input activity.  If I can understand at least 80 to 90 percent of what is being said, then I feel I have mastered that activity.  I don’t judge myself on my ability to speak Thai during input activities.  These are two different skills and they must be judged separately. I wrote a whole post about it on another blog

I had a problem with the colloquial Thai audio in how I put it on my Ipod(it had no albums and so all the ‘tracks’ got jumbled together).  I decided I would just focus on the Intermediate Thai Audio.  I completed about half of the lessons.  This wasn’t too hard, Reviving my Thai is like riding a bike.  It takes a minute, but all the skills start coming back again.  No I’m not riding with my hands off the handle bars yet, but I am riding the bike just fine.

So in summary my Input day was a success!!!!!!

Output Goals

So what about out put?  First of all I wanted to complete several lessons of Pimsleur Thai and start Thai Typing lessons.  I completed my first lesson which was to learn the home keys of my left hand, which are ฟ,  ห,  ก and ด from pinky to index finger.  That was pretty good.  I am focusing on Typing Thai for two reasons.  The first is because I already know how to ‘write’ the characters.  That is something I never forgot how to do.  The second is that, being in New Zealand, my most likely situation that I am going to have to write Thai is on Facebook with my Thai friends.  It’s embarrassing that I have to go to a Virtual keyboard online and look around for the characters and it ends up taking several minutes just to say a simple comment.  So yes I want to be able to Type in Thai so I can communicate with my friends again.

The second part of my output goal was to complete Several Pimsleur Thai lessons.  I finished 9 of them.  First of all I ‘cheated’ per se.  Since each lesson is about 30 mins each, I wasn’t going to spend that much time on Thai I probably remember.  So this was how I decided to go through the lesson.  Pimsleur is made up of Two parts, each lesson has a dialogue at the beginning and then a section where they dissect and show common variations on that same dialogue. If I could understand 100 percent of the dialogue, then I skipped that lesson.  There was an exception to this.  I decided to stop every 4 lessons and complete the whole lesson, even if I understood it our not.  Why 4?  Why not?  I had to pick a number and 5 seemed to much and 3 too little.

So, Yes I completed my Output goals for the weekend!

Anything else.

Besides those things, I finished the lesson audio for 2 and a half lesson of my course and I am almost done with the 3rd PDF lesson.  I feel this was a very productive weekend. I hope to be back up to my old level of Thai with in two or three more weeks.


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