What to do…

I dont’ live in Thailand anymore.  So I need to practice my Thai somehow.  I am also studying Spanish now while I resurrect my Thai from the abyss.  One of the things I do for my Spanish blog is that I record myself speaking in Spanish every week.  I call it Spanish Video Friday.   No I don’t speak very well, but it something that helps me think in Spanish.

So what’s good for the goose, is good for the Gander.  or good for my Spanish is good for my Thai.  I will make a regular video once a week with me speaking only in Thai.  Two reasons, I want to redevelop my ability to think in Thai and I want to have the world scrutinize and rip my Thai apart!

Did you just say that last part?

Of course I did!  I do not intend to show off and show how awesome at Thai I am not.  I am trying to get feedback from those who would help me the most!  I am trying to get to a professional level of Thai.  I need to fill in the holes that I don’t know exist.

So how does this work.

In my blog I will post a video every monday and I will talk about a random subject which can be about anything from horse racing to politics to clowns.  I will make the video and then post it.  I will also include everything I think I did wrong as well as let others comment on what they think I did wrong.

Right now I am collecting Ideas for subjects so if you have ideas let me know.


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