Spanish Video Friday

Here is my first Spanish Friday in video.  Lets see how I did:



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4 responses to “Spanish Video Friday

  1. Tracy López

    Qué bueno, Jarvis! … It takes a lot of guts to get on video and do this – (speaking from experience, ya sabes!) You have todo mi respeto.

    You really meant it when you said you would push yourself outside of your comfort zone. I need to do that more often myself, too. Whenever I feel like I’m stagnating, that does the trick! Thanks for the reminder, amigo.

    I enjoyed learning more about you. Gracias por participar en Spanish Friday!

    • Gracias por mirar mi video. I’m glad you were able to sit through it. With all my uhms and uhs it’s hard for me to sit through. Anyway thanks! It helps a lot to get the encouragement I am getting to keep going!

  2. Hello, Jarvis!

    “hola a todo el mundo como estas” the correct is “hola a todo el mundo como estais”

    Tu iglesia se llama “La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días”

    Cuidado, no es “marmon”, es “mormon”

    “utah tiene muchos mormones” es correcto pero no suena bien. es mas correcto decir ” en utah hay muchos mormones”.

    No he entendido los instrumentos que tocabas

    “became a misionario” the correct is “me hice misionero”. Se dice “misionero”, no “misionario”

    “mucho mas bien” the correct is “mucho mejor”

    “despues de case” the correct is” despues de que me case”

    company = compañia
    Congratulations, i understand all. Your spanish is better each day!!!


    Jose Ramon

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