Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.  – Bertolt Brecht

Changes!  Gotta love it!  Changes come from very interesting places.  Sometimes it is the mere inconvenience (or convenience) of forgetting to do something.  Sometimes, it comes from having something stop working that makes us need or want to change.   But no matter what changes always occur and we can’t stop them.

Another way to refer to change is evolution.  I am not getting ready to start a religion vs Darwin debate, I am just talking about evolution of thought, ideas and practice.  What we think and what we do about it is always in constant flux.

Here is the interesting thing about evolution, by changing what you are doing now doesn’t mean what you were doing before was wrong.  In fact, at the time it may have been the best thing for you.  That said, now that you have changed you don’t know how you manages any other way(that is until you evolve again).  It’s kinda like literature, we loved reading Fun with Dick and Jane when we were young, but I can’t imagine how I could imagine reading it now(except to my kids, which somehow makes it enjoyable again)

What am I getting at?  Well obviously something in my pursuits of Spanish has changed.  It is remarkable how it happened, but now that it has changed, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.  It’s almost as break through as putting a sliding door on both sides of the mini van and not just one. What I am referring to is a subtle, yet big change in how I learn spanish.

What have you changed and why?

Let me start out by stating how it happened.  I have stated before that I am reviving my Thai.  You can go to my Thai blog and see how I am doing in that regard if you like.  Well The original plan was to miniaturize my Spanish system to just two days.  One day would be input days and the other would be output days.  Sounded like a good plan.

Then my I pod had a problem syncing and for some reason my Thai audio that I was using for output was having problems(I have since resolved the problem.)  So I ended up having two output days in a row.  This weekend was also special, in that it was a three-day weekend for me.  It was a holiday on monday(monday is over now, remember New Zealand is in the Future) and since I had already did two output days I decided to make it a Third.  I enjoyed it so much that I decided that I was going to follow the same pattern for my Thai weekends, one week is output and the next is Input.  It just makes things flow better and easier for me to building upon knowledge easier.

And then suddenly it hit me, like lightning had hit my brain

(Bonus points to anyone who can guess which movie I paraphrased that line from)

I thought, why don’t I do that with spanish?  One week input and one week output?  Work and build upon the skills that I already know and give myself a better chance to solidify the things I have learned by using them more.

It was one of those ‘ah – ha’ moments that just made sence the moment the thought came.  I don’t think what I was doing was wrong, in fact I think it may have been the best thing for me at the time, but now that my skills are getting better I need to focus perfect one skill at a time.  Then I can take a week off to allow my self to develop another skill and to let the other one rest for a bit!

So there you go.  It’s a subtle, yet powerful change.  I will see how it goes and I will tell you how it is going in a few weeks.  I am very open to the fact that this evolution may not make things better and I may have to evolve back again, but I have a feeling that it wont.


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