Something has happened!

I had the shock of my life last night!  I was so incredibly shocked, that I was taken off my guard.  I couldn’t believe what was happening!  It was so amazing that I just looked and stared dumb founded, like a deer in headlights!  “When did this happen?!?” was all I could think about as I stared at the tv.  This has to be the most surprising thing to ever happen to me this year!

What is this shocking interesting thing you might ask?  Well I think I need to give a bit of back story so that it will all make sense.

How it all began

Since starting to learn Spanish, I have found a use for the language menu of the DVD.  I am always trying to get my family to let me at least put Spanish subtitles on.  However, my kids are not big fans of watching something in a language they don’t understand.  More often than not, the movie stays in English.

Last night, they caved.  I was given one night to watch whatever I wanted in Spanish, as long as the English subtitles were on.  I was over joyed.  Where should I start?  I decided I would start with a simple program.  We pulled out the Living Scriptures(animated scripture stories for children) and we started watching that together.  That was when the shock happened!

What was it?

The thing that shocked me beyond belief was that I was actually keeping up with the spanish.  No I didn’t understand everything, but I was keeping up enough that I could figure out the ‘gist’ of everything that was going on.  This is the first time that this happened.

After living scriptures I put in Tangled!  This was going to be more interesting, because we bought it in New Zealand and the Spanish was Castillian Spanish and not Latin-America spanish.  I put it in and first thing I noticed was that the quality of Disney movies in other languages is very impressive.  The whole movie has no English in it at all!  Everything in English is edited to Spanish and the voices cast fit the characters wonderfully.  They really do what they can to make it feel like the movie was originally made in Spanish and it always was going to be in Spanish.

This was not as easy, but I still hung on too much more than I ever had before.  The songs were harder to follow and many things I didn’t know due to it using more colloquialisms than the other program, but I did follow the ‘gist’ very well.  It was amazing to me and it shocked me.  You assume you spanish is getting better, but until you are put in a situation where you test it, you don’t really know how much.

Sorry if it was a bit anticlimactic but it was a surprise to me when it happened.  I am not letting this go to my head though.  I still don’t understand a lot of spanish.  However, I do think that this was a very big step closer to me being fluent!



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2 responses to “Something has happened!

  1. Sounds like a wonderful experience! Congratulations on your hard work 🙂

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