El Viernes de Español – Mi oficina

Ok here is a twist on my usual, car videos.  I was getting bored with doing them in there.  So here you go and enjoy!



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4 responses to “El Viernes de Español – Mi oficina

  1. Very good job!!!! You are brave. Tengo miedo grabar un video hablando en español.

  2. Tracy López

    Great idea going to your office so you could use some different vocabulary!

    As for your question about how to say “Post online” – you could say this a few different ways, Jarvis. Many of the Spanish speaking blogger friends I have use the verb “postear” – so a sort of Spanglish way to say it would be, “Voy a postear el vídeo en mi blog.”

    You could also use the verb “subir” which people use to mean “upload” – So, “Voy a subir el vídeo mañana.”

    Thanks for participating in Spanish Friday! Saludos!

    • Love participating…I enjoy my weekly spanish updates! Thanks so much for the vocab boost…Postear is actually what I thought when I was making the video(I allways make the videos candid), but I didn’t want to just make up a word.

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