If you look on the right hand side you will see my Blog Roll.  I enjoy reading many blogs including many that have little or nothing to do with learning a new language.  That said, to get on my blog roll you not only have to be about language learning, but I must also really enjoy your blog or site.

One of my favorite blogs is Women Learn Thai….and Some Men Too.  Its full of fun and interesting post by both Catherine, the creator of Women Learn Thai, and her many guest writers.  Catherine has pooled together so many great resources of knowledge about Thailand and about learning the Thai language that it would take a life time to get through it all.  It is just simply an amazing blog site.

On her blog, she has a series where she interviews other succesful Thai language learners.  These have provided me and many others an interesting insight into how various language learners have tackled the challenge of learning to speak Thai.  It’s allowed me to see the similarities and differences that various language learners have gone through to achieve a certain level of confidence in the Thai language.

Then to my surprise….

A few nights back, I heard my ipod make its familiar sound to let me know that I had received an e-mail.  The e-mail was from Catherine and she was e-mailing me to interview me as a successful Thai learner.  It was a great honor and of course I jumped at the opportunity.  It was fun answering the questions and remembering exactly what it was like when I couldn’t speak Thai.  It’s a feeling I have now while learning Spanish.

So without further ado….

Here is my interview:

My Interview at Women Learn Thai


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February 21, 2012 · 4:01 pm

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