Falling flat on your face and getting right back up again.

In this business of language learning, you have to be humble.  You have to be ready to have someone laugh at you when you speak and tell you that your sentences makes no sense at all.  You also have to be ready for life to come in, kick your butt and turn all your well laid out plans inside out and upside down.  Why?  Because that is how life works!

I have talked about different things one can do to keep your attitude positive and upbeat while you go through this sticky mess called language learning.  I have mostly written them for myself so I have something to fall back on when I need it.  If they have benefited anyone else, then all the better.

This weekend I needed them and then some.  I usually do a Spanish Friday video every friday(I actually post it on saturday here) and then I do a Thai video every monday(posted on Tuesday).  Over the weekend I also try to fill up any available time with rebuilding my Thai level back to an advanced level of speaking.  The fluency is still there, but my vocabulary is just not at all what it used to be.

Then Life Happened…

This weekend, I did none of them.  I failed out right!  My airplane crashed and burned,  I fell flat on my face and I got a bloody nose doing it.  I don’t even get honorable mention, because I eventually just gave up and stopped trying to salvage the weekend.  I took 4 days off and did absolutely nothing about langue learning the whole time.

To be honest this is the first time this has happened to me!  I have set realistic expectations of only being accountable for 15 mins of language learning a day.   I am also very good at making the most out of those little free moments that you don’t plan, but just some how find.  Despite all that, nothing I could do this weekend would correct the course and my car drove right off the side of the mountain(ok, no more analogies).

When in doubt, reboot

One of my favorite TV shows is IT Crowd.  It was made in the UK and has never made it to the US (though NBC did make a pilot for an US version that eventually got scraped).  When ever someone calls the IT department they answer, “I.T. have you tried turning it off and on again?”  PC’s are great, but sometimes they get so messed up that you have to just shut it down and restart again.

That I what I ended up doing.  I ended up just shutting down, taking a step back, and rebooted a day later.  Sure I could have tried to get some studying in, but it wouldn’t have really solved the problem.   Sometimes, we just need to take a day off and then start over.  Yes our saved data may get lost, but at least we know where we are ended up and where to start over.  Ok sorry that was the last analogy

The moral of the story is that you need to stay humble and to make the most of the things, but sometimes you also need a reboot.



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4 responses to “Falling flat on your face and getting right back up again.

  1. I agree. Beating yourself up is not the way to go. Sometimes you just have to allow yourself some space to start over.

    • Its good for you to just let the plan crash sometimes. You can look back and see if there was anything you could have done, but thats not always possible. So yeah just stand up and keep on keepin on

  2. “The fluency is still there, but my vocabulary is just not at all what it used to be.”
    EXACTLY the same happens with my English; I left it for something like 11 years and now it’s much poorer than then. A real pity! All I can do now is studying to make up for all that squandered time. 😦

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