Since I announced my family was moving back to the States a few days ago, my brain has been nothing but numb.  Got to pack the bags!  Turn on the Utilities!  Need to find a non toll-free number to reach the Utilities.  Where are we going to sleep the first night(s) before our stuff is moved out of storage into the house.  So much to think of, then I think about keeping up on my Spanish, Thai, and Thai podcast that is still in the experimental stage.  All of this things are making me feel numb!  I mean my brain hurts so much that I just can’t keep up with everything.

The cure for Numbness

Ok I know you are all waiting for my insightful how to cure numbness, but this time I am asking a question.  Is there a cure for all this crazy numbness that’s attacking my brain?  Como podria soportar tantos?  Until I am sitting in my home with all the furniture in place, my kids enrolled in school, and a job offer in hand, I am pretty sure my life will be a living infierno!

There is one thing that is helping.  My wonderful wife!  Who deals with me and all my weirdness.  She is really the rock in my life and the strength that I need to get me through everything!  What would I do with out her, I will never know!


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  1. Thank you darling! I appreciate the thanks. I think we will be fine and hopefully in a month it will all go back to normal? fingers crossed right!?

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