Trying to find a rhythm

I am mostly moved in now.  My boxes still need unpacking, but our furniture was moved from storage to our little home and life is almost normal. The one exception to this is my Spanish and Thai.  From the moment we got back to the US we have been on the go.  Get to the house, get the beds put together, get the furniture moved in, look for a job, enroll the kids in school, look for a job.  I  haven’t had anytime to think or enjoy the opportunity to listen or speak Spanish.

What is stopping you?

The thing that is stopping me is my life is out of rhythm.  I haven’t had a pattern to my life lately.  I know this is temporary, but still it gets frustrating not keeping up with what I enjoy doing!

When you have a pattern and rhythm to your life, you know when to look for those opportunities to study a new language.  In fact you prepare your self so that when that 5 mins arrives, you can take advantage of it.  Once you throw off that rhythm, it’s hard to keep up.

What are you going to do about it?

Start over!  Tomorrow is Monday, my kids start school again for the first time in several days.  I also have a few things I have to do.  I will start this week on primarily listening to Spanish and this coming weekend will be primarily listening and reading Thai.  I am also going to try to post a new podcast by the beginning of next week.    I will find a pattern soon and my rhythm will restore.  Then I will be able to see how my Spanish is really developing.


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