Inspiration, Motivation, and Pride has some of the funniest demotivational posters out there.  I decided to put one up on my post today because that is how I am feeling, a bit demotivated.  An interesting thing about my life in New Zealand was that I could write so much easier there. Crazy how that works isn’t it. Just change a couple of major things in your life, and  now you don’t know what to say anymore.

I loved New Zealand.  It was amazingly beautiful with beaches just minutes away from where we lived.  However, I don’t think it was New Zealand that helped me write in this blog.  I think there were a few differences with my life here as opposed to my life there.

Free Time

I have had way to much free time lately.  I have mentioned before that I think too much free time can be detrimental to your language acquisition, but I think it applies to blogging as well.  One obviously needs some free time to blog or study languages, but too much of a good thing will end up just making things worse.  Too much free time promotes laziness and procrastination.  One must find that good balance in life.

Stuck in a Rut

I feel like my level of Spanish has been stuck in one place for a long time now.  Yes I do agree it is better than when I started.  If you go back to some of my early stuff, you will notice an improvement from what I do now.  I can speak off the cuff better and I can communicate ideas better.  That said I am miles away from where I want to be.  And It feels like I am not getting there any faster.

I went through this before when I learned Thai.  I knew this would happen.  There gets to a point where you practice and study and you make very small improvements and then suddenly, like pressure that has built up, you just start making major leaps in your language ability.  In my head I know this is what’s happening, but It still makes it hard to write about it when you feel like you haven’t made any advances in many days.


I was proud of my blog and I still am.  I am not the most popular person out there, but my little following is great!  I have made so many friends this way that I never thought I would.  One of my favorite things about my blog was that I was unique in that I was an American, living in New Zealand, learning spanish.  Now I am just an American learning Spanish.  I haven’t even taken the time to remove the living in New Zealand part off my blog.

I know it’s prideful that I should care so much about that one thing of my blog, but it still bothers me.  But I remind myself why I started this blog.  It wasn’t because I was an american living in New Zealand, it was because I was a full-time Dad who wanted to show that you can learn another language.  That is why I started this blog!

There you go.  no it’s nothing major in my life, just some tweaks and I will be back to my old self again.


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