Spanish Friday

Here is my latest Spanish Friday Video:

I feel like my Spanish is starting to make a turning point, like I am going to get to a new level soon.  I don’t know yet for sure but it just feels like it will be hitting a new stride!  I have tweeked and adjusted my system a lot over the past 6 months so I thought I would repost about it soon.



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2 responses to “Spanish Friday

  1. Tracy López

    You’re definitely improving, Jarvis! Fascinating to watch your progress in these videos 🙂

    Isn’t it awesome when all of a sudden, instead of only catching 50% of spoken Spanish, you understand most of it? It’s kind of like having water in your ear, and all of a sudden the water comes out and you can hear more clearly. LOL.

    I think “stock broker” is “agente bursátil.”

    Have a good weekend. Gracias por participar en Spanish Friday 🙂

    • Gracias por mirar mis vídeos it’s good to know that I am getting better, I mean I feel like I am getting better, but it’s good to know some one else agrees. It’s quite fun listening to the radio like to night I listened to a Utah jazz game in Spanish. I didn’t even know they had a broadcast in spanish. It’s this whole world I’m missing out on in my own country.

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