Things on hold

Image by puuikibeach

I am making some changes here as my blog is growing and adapting.  So here are a couple of announcements for your benefit(the picture is just a nice picture.  Enjoy!)

I am taking a week off Thai Mondays

What you are taking a week off?  Yeah yeah I know, but there is a good reason.  I enjoy talking about things, but from now on I am giving my Thai Monday videos a much bigger purpose! From now on my videos are going to be about something I am working on that week.  Learning more vocabulary about the kitchen or politics.  What ever it may be Thai monday is going to be more than just a way to show off my Thai skills.  Thai Monday will be a learning tool for me and hopefully all those who follow my blog.  Watch out for the first one next Monday.

Speaking of things on hold.

Just for your information, I do have my Second Thai podcast available soon, but my Laptop’s screen shattered and my external monitor plug is broken as well.  Until I can raise the funds for a new screen, it is on hold.  I have decided that my podcasts will stay free on this blog forever.  All I want to do is hopefully help people learn to speak Thai, who maybe would never have done it before.  If I can be a benefit to the Thai language learning community, than I will be all the more happy!

It wasn’t much, but look out for these changes coming on soon!


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