Don’t learn a language, live it!

My kids living life

When was the last time you heard a word in your native language you didn’t know before?  What did you do?  Did you write it down, create a flash card, or something else like that.  When you heard an expression, slang, or other colloquialism in your native language how did you start using it?  I think the answer is pretty obvious.  Your native language is just a part of you and so when you learn new things you just assimilate them!  (No mentioning of the borg you trekkies!)

The point of this blog is not to tear down the use of flash cards or other such things to help you learn.  What the point of this post is to emphasis the importance of making the language a part of you.  I am going to admit, the idea for this post didn’t come from me.  It came from the recent post over at  Susanna Zarysky recently guest posted a post about the secret to learning a foriegn language

What is the secret?

According to Susanna, “The secret to learning the language well is to resonate with it.”  I’m not even going to try to summarize the post for you.  It is way too good and I could never do it justice by paraphrasing it. But I do want to emphasize that important point: resonate with it.

I often talk about my system and how I have created a pattern of studying that involves both structured and unstructured activities in both input and output categories.  That is all well and good, but without making it a part of my life I might as well be studying for a test.

The million dollar question is…

When you live a life so jam-packed full of English (or what ever your native language may be), how do you “live” or “resonate” with the language?  One answer I have already given over at is to start speaking now using what you know and fill in the rest with English.

How else?  What do you do for a living?  How much can you talk about it beyond telling people the name of your profession?  What about your hobbies or interests?  What kind of fiction do you like to read?  The point is that its difficult to make the language apart of you, if you don’t take what is already apart of you to use it.

Do you have any other ideas?  Share them.  Learning how to live a language is the most difficult part of the  battle of learning the language.  Lets help each other learn this skill together.



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  2. Thank you for sharing my article. I really enjoyed your post!

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