Mailing it in

Sometimes you have to just “mail it in.”

When I started blogging it was originally to help me speak Spanish better.  The world became my responsibility partner and my coach.  After awhile I realized that some found it helpful to read about a boring full-time working language learning Dad and what he was doing to learn and improve the languages he knows.  It because more about giving back than about getting help.

Not that I don’t think I still need help, but I feel there really is a lack of help for those who aren’t 20 something expatriates, migrating from hostel to hostel, teaching English to supplement what they don’t earn on their blogs.  Not that these are not fun or inspiring, but for a married father of 4 children I would be happy to make it out of the state of Utah once in a while. (To prove my point, my youngest son came downstairs with a soiled diaper while writing that last line.  You can’t tell me that those situations don’t make it difficult to learn another language!)

I feel very motivated to learn and improve my Spanish and Thai.  I want to prove that it can be done!  I want to show people how I’m doing it so that it might help them.  In my very rare free time, I am trying to write a course to help others learn Thai and I am doing it for free.

So what happened this week?

This week was Independence day a very lovely day off in the middle of the week (sorry to those who still had to work.).  Bigger than that was I had one of the most stressful exams I have ever had to take in my life.  I think I have mentioned before, I am a Trade Risk supervisor for a Brokerage firm.  I haven’t been able to do the job I was hired for, because I had to pass supervisory exams to show I was qualified to do the job.  I was given so many days to pass the exams to keep my job!

Due to the time frame I was given to pass the exams, I scheduled the exam for thursday the 5th.  That way if I failed, I would have time to take it one more time after waiting my mandatory 30 days.  Monday and Tuesday was spent studying and studying. Wednesday was a welcome day off, but it was always in the back of my mind that I had a job saving exam scheduled for the next day.

Test day!!!!!

I got up, showered and left so I could arrive early to the testing center.  I went through my mandatory verification of identity and next thing I knew I was sitting in front of the computer screen ready to take a 4 hour exam.  I started reading questions.  Question one was not in my study materials.  Question Two was, but not question Three!  150 questions later and I just realized that everything that was emphasized in the books I read, were not even tested!

Nothing I could do at that point.  I ended the test and clicked the submit button.  For those who don’t know what FINRA exams are like.  There is about 20 seconds that elapses as it corrects your exam and gets your pass/fail results for you.  Those 20 seconds feel like 20 minutes.  Different people handle this differently, some just relax, but most become closer to god.   Then my screen flashed and all I could see was the word: PASS!

So what does that have to do with the title?

Just like this post, almost none of this week has been about language learning.  Also like this post, I just mailed it in.  Did what I could and forgot about the rest.  Sometimes life is like that.  You can start out a week with great intentions, but life and real responsibilities follow you and  there is nothing you can do about them.  Sometimes all you can do is Mail it in.  Next week I will be back to my language learning motivated self, but I don’t feel bad at all that this week I had to mail it in.



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2 responses to “Mailing it in

  1. Tracy López

    CONGRATS! Wow, that’s so great that you passed. I bet that’s a real load off.

    I’m the same way with starting the week, or each morning, with the best of intentions. Every day I think, “This is the day I’m going to—” and then real life gets in the way. LOL. It’s difficult but we really do need to make time, force ourselves to schedule it in and make it a priority, it will continue to get pushed aside.

    I’ve heard that making an appointment with yourself and writing it on your calendar or in your agenda helps. You just need to respect that appointment the same way you would as if you had made plans with a friend, or as if it were really an appointment with the dentist. You wouldn’t just not show up, right? — So give yourself that same respect and attention you deserve.

    (Poopie diapers complicate things but do your best. LOL.)

    Best wishes!

    • Thanks so much. It really is a load off. Yeah we do put ourselves in last place sometimes….That is a great point. It is easy to forget unless we schedule it in. I think I will do that!

      Thanks again for reading.

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