Another Guest post at Women Learn Thai

I recently wrote a guest post over at about the benefits of the new Google Chrome immersion tool extension. Thought my post focuses on Thai, it also benefits those learning any of the languages offered by Google translate.  So I recommend everyone go check out the post over at

Just as a FYI, I have finally added another lesson to my Learn Thai Podcast.  Now that I have finished some major milestones at work, I hope to get those out at a faster rate.   So check it out and let me know what you think.

Finally I have rearranged my menu to be a bit cleaner.  I have combined everything to do with Thai/Spanish under the specific languages.  Just hover over Thai or Spanish resources and you will find other related pages.  Two of those related pages are my Real Thai Conversation fillers and Real Spanish Conversation Fillers.  As I find real and useful conversational phrases, I will update those lists.  So check back often to see if there are new words.

So thanks for checking those things out.  Now head on over to and read my post there.  Thanks


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