Finding a use for Evernote



Evernote (Photo credit: /Sizemore/)


Today is a bit about language learning, but not really.  Hey, I can have other useful things to say other than language learning advice (I’m serious!).   Anyway, for a while now, I have heard about this cool thing called Evernote.  It’s a free program, that lets you make notes and clip things from the internet and have it save in a central location.  Then you can get access to that information through anything that has access to the internet.


It seemed like a good idea, in fact it seemed like a great idea.  My one problem was that I don’t take notes.  Ask my wife how many times I have gone to the store and gotten half the things wrong, assuming I even get the item at all.  It’s not that I can’t or shouldn’t make lists/reminders/notes to myself, or even that I don’t like to.   I just don’t do it.  I know it’s not a good excuse, but its mine.


How I found a use for Evernote


Even though I am doing a countdown to my new language and letting people vote for, or this month against, the various languages on my list, I have already chosen the language.  Which means I am using these next few months to collect as much materials as I can find to help me learn them.


The hard part about it is that I am not trying to learn the language right now.  When I find things, I want to be able to organize them easily, but not have to worry about losing it later.  (I am a bit absent-minded sometimes.)


This is where Evernote comes in.  Any resource or webpage, even YouTube videos, I can add and organize them now.  Then on January 1st, I will be ready to hit the ground running.   This has simplified what I do to get ready for my next project.


I know there is much more uses than this, so for your benefit here is a link to a blog on evernote to show you much more uses than this.  How do you use evernote?  Please share!  I could use all the help I can get.






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5 responses to “Finding a use for Evernote

  1. Reblogged this on JE Baugh and commented:
    Still using Evernote after all these years, but finding it harder to manage… this article helps…

  2. I use Evernote for almost everything! I have documents with language resources, notes, my blog entries in progress, recipes, music charts, etc. I use it at work and at home (and I’ve also gotten my husband addicted to it.)

    In tandem with Evernote I also use Teuxdeux which is a daily to do list that transfers items to the next day if I don’t use them and Trello which is for project management. I always have all three open whether I am at work or at home.

  3. Thanks, I’d never actually heard of this programme but now downloading as I speak 🙂

  4. Dan

    If you’d like a tool for managing your time and projects, you can use this web-application inspired by David Allen’s GTD:

    You can use it to manage and prioritize your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, and a calendar.
    Syncs with Evernote and Google Calendar, and also comes with mobile version, and Android and iPhone apps.

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