Nulu: A useful tool for learning Spanish

Nulu Language learning tool for Spanish

Before I started blogging, I never tweeted.  I didn’t even have a twitter account.  But everyone else who blogged seemed to all have twitter accounts, so it wasn’t very long till I found myself opening a twitter account.  I am so happy I did.  There were conversations and connections I was missing out on.  I have met and started following new people just because they found me on twitter and started following me.  I’ve even used it (per the advice of vocabat) to look up real spanish uses of words and phrases.  It’s a a great tool, even if you don’t keep up on all the hashtags and whatever.

Nulu:  An online Spanish learning tool

One day I received a follow from an account for Nulu.   It’s description said, “Nulu: Learn Spanish for free in just a few minutes a day with fresh and fun news stories!”  This intrigued me so I continued on and I instantly liked it.

Nulu is free tool that based on relatively recent news articles, converted into a conversational Spanish dialogue.  There is both a written text, that will translate the word/phrase into English, and audio, so you can listen to the actual dialogue.

To compliment the articles, there are two other features of Nulu.  First of all, the words and phrases you don’t know in the articles you are reading, will be put into a list to be reviewed.  The review is an Spaced Repetition(SRS), based tool that will put the words you know the less well up for review more often than the words you know well.

Secondly, there is a social part of Nulu that lets you comment and discuss what you just read.  This helps reinforce the vocabulary you just read and lets you make your own sentences with the new vocabulary you just learned.

In short, I highly recommend this tool.  Not only is it free, but its useful and can be used as part of your reading, which I highly recommend you do.  Now who is going to create one for Thai?


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  1. Brian

    you can learn Thai Spanish or Mandarin at the World Word Exchange it is like no other method and you can try it free

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