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Today was the official start of Thai week for me.  A few weeks back I mentioned that I will be doing “Thai Week” once a month so I can take a vacation from my Spanish Langauge studies.   This is a helpful in that it allows me to take a momentary step away from the problem and let what I have learned sink in.  I can rest and get ready to start again.  In the mean time, I can take some time to focus on one of my other passions: Thai.  Like I said in my ‘vacation’ post, you don’t have to study another language on your time off.  You can read a book or just catch up on some other hobby you enjoy doing.  The point is to take a break.

Taking a break doesn’t mean I’m still not learning

I also recently posted about how to learn two languages at once.  So even though I may not be ‘actively’ learning Spanish, I am still improving my knowledge of Spanish.  I realized that I don’t need to use English as my reference language.  When I learn Thai, I cross-reference into Spanish and the same goes the other way around as well.  It’s very powerful to make connection between the two languages, that I never would have made with just English as a reference.

There are two major things I am doing.  The first thing is that I am pulling out my old beginners podcast/audio courses in Spanish and translating them into Thai.  I got this idea from my post about going back to the basics.  I listen to these courses that are partly in English and partly in Spanish.  The Spanish is very basic so it allows me to really solidify my understanding of the basics, in both languages.

The second is adding cards to my Anki decks.  When I look up words in Thai, I cross-reference them into Spanish.  This forces me to have to learn both at the same time.  Why shouldn’t I learn the word in Spanish at the same time as in Thai.  Of course, I use my Anki Deck efficiently and don’t waste too much time per day on it.

That isn’t all I do in Thai

Of course, not everything I do is cross referenced into Spanish.  For example, I listen to Thai TV at work.  I listen because I need to be actively doing something.  I like listening to Thai TV instead of Thai radio.  For me, there are different types of social interactions on TV that are not on Radio.  It’s more entertaining.    I am also Reading Thai news papers and other Thai websites.  I am also using the Google immersion tool set to Thai.

That’s how my Thai week is scheduled.  Like my plans?  Got any suggestions.  Please share.


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