Another two bite the dust


Another two bite the dustIt’s been another month and therefore its time to remove two more languages from my list.  The shorter the list, the harder it gets to remove more languages, but remove them I must.  I can’t learn all the languages I want to learn all at once.  To do that would be a large waste of time.  I’ll just have to keep them on my list until another day.

Last month, French and German seemed to have very little in common.  This month, the languages have even less.  The only thing the same about them is that respective languages are found in only one country and those two countries are in the same hemisphere.  I know, that means very little as far as how common they are.  The two languages that didn’t make it this month are Italian and Japanese.

Why are those two languages on your list?

I have mentioned before, I want to learn all 4 romantic languages.  I am learning Spanish right now, so that’s one check for that.  I grew up in a musical family and was very active in music through out my teenage life.  I received the Louise Armstrong Jazz award for outstanding Jazz musician my senior year of High school.  Italian is the language of Music, literally.  If you pull out sheet music, the directions on if one should play loud/soft/fast/slow all are in Italian.  Plus who wouldn’t want to learn the native tongue of my favorite Video game character, Mario.

Japanese, oddly enough, was first introduced to me in Thailand.  Several instances of people, who had studied it or were half Japanese themselves, showed me interesting things about the languages.  For example, the writing system of Japan didn’t exist until the country began to trade with China(many many many years ago).  This forced them to learn their writing system, which eventual was adapted to  Japanese.  Before that, they had no writing system.  Sounds like the Japanese, they create and perfect other people’s inventions to suit their purposes.  I was also told it has a word order, unlike any I have tried so far.

Why didn’t they make it?

Similar to last month.  Those reasons are enough to entice me to put them on my wish lists of languages, but not strong enough to beat out the other languages as top contenders.  For me to choose the language, it needs to have the extra little “uhmph” that makes me want to learn it and learn it now.  These just don’t have that “uhmph” or at least not enough of it.

So now we are down to 4 languages left.  I have a poll up on the right about which of these remaining languages do you want to learn.  I would really love to know as well.  Please leave a comment here and tell me which of these last remaining languages you want to learn and why.  Thanks for sharing.



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