Another Sunday Edition


When I actually write a post on Sunday, I tend to like to write about a more spiritual side of things.  I do know and respect that most who read this blog don’t read it for my spiritual insights and I am sensitive to that fact.  At the same time, as Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true.”  Today I was watching a YouTube video put out by my church.  Before I explain why I thought about posting it, let me show it to you:

I like this video, because I do believe that there is a bit of our Heavenly Father in everything around us.  This also gave me chance to reflect on my two years I spent in Thailand.  I make no secret that I learned Thai as part of my desire to share the Gospel with others in Thailand.  To do that, I had to understand and respect the religion of the people, primarily Buddhism.

One may think it’s a contradiction that I can be out trying to convert people to my religion and still respect them for following theirs.  To me it’s not.  Thai’s have a saying in regard to religion.  “All religions teach us to be good.”  I agree with this whole heartily.  If they are not teaching you to be good, then it’s not a religion.  If I had never learned Thai, I would never have learned about Buddhism and I would never understood the general message of what Buddhism teaches.

So on this short Sunday edition of, I would encourage all to share your beliefs and be willing to have others share theirs with you.  When you have language exchanges, ask to learn about their church/beliefs.  You will not just learn more about the language and culture of those who speak your language.  You will understand your own more as well.  That is what happened to me in Thailand and that is what will happen to you.



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