Repentance: It’s not just for religion


Repentance (Photo credit: Moh Tj)

I went to church today and no I didn’t have anything specifically about repentance, I do think about it.  For me church is a fantastic opportunity to go and think about what I messed up on and to recommit myself to doing better.  No I will probably fail again, but no one is perfect.  The important part is to get up when we fail and start again with a new commitment to keep going.  This is what repentance means to me.

What does this have to do with language learning?

I’m not turning my blog into a sermon.  I was thinking about how this applies to language learning as well.  We all have these wonderful thoughts intentions in life on learning another language.  And then life happens.     Busy day, or you forget our iPod, or heck! We just cannot get motivated enough  to speak in another language today!  What ever it is we all Stumble.

When we stumble we have two choices.  Yes only two, we either give up or recommit.  That’s it.  There is no third choice.  We all must make one of those two choices.  I don’t care how many times you have stumbled before, even if it was just 30 minutes ago.  If you stumble, you can either give up or recommit.  In other words you can repent.

Have you stumbled recently.  Have you given up after failing?  I know that’s easy, but I would highly recommend you turn around and try again.  And when I mean try again, I don’t mean tomorrow.  I mean right now.  Monday is the worst day to start a new goal, Tomorrow is too.  Even, next hour is bad.  If you have a goal to learn a language, the best time to recommit to try again is right now.  So go and recommit and welcome back to the bandwagon.



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