Spanish for the iPod


English: The 1st generation iPod Touch, with a...

English: The 1st generation iPod Touch, with a non-scratch cover over the glass front. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My iPod touch is my greatest language learning companion.  I wouldn’t be able to do half the amount of stuff I do with out it.  I highly recommend investing in an iPod touch or other similar type device.  It is well worth the investment in your language learning tools.

Most of what I use it for is the audio.  I listen to podcast and audio courses to and from work, but that is definitely not all I use it for.  I have two app folders, one for Spanish and one for Thai.  They are full of various apps, but I do tend to use some more than others.  So I thought I would share my favorite apps for each language.

Spanish Apps

In my Spanish Folder I have two dictionaries, both free. The first is Word Magic Compact dictionary and the Other is’s dictionary app.  They both let you search by English or Spanish and I rarely find a word I can’t find in one of those two apps.   I highly recommend both.

The next app I use the most is Conjuverb.  This is the ultimate Spanish verb conjugator.  You can look up a root word and it will conjugate it into every form of Spanish Conjugation or you can look up the verb in its conjugated form and it will show you the root and other conjugations.  It is the perfect complement to my two Spanish Dictionaries, especially for those irregular verbs.

The next app is similar, but has its own twist.  It’s’s free iPod app.  If you are not aware of what word reference is, it’s an online translation tool that has a public forum to allow people to ask questions about specific subjects.  The App give you access to the same content from the web into your app.  This tool, online or in app form, is fantastic as it gives you real human translation and help for language learning needs.

Finally, the last app I use regularly is WWITV.  This app lets you watch TV from other countries.  You can select by country or by language.  I can get access to real Spanish-speaking TV anywhere I have an internet connection.

Thai Apps

I use much more Spanish Apps than I do Thai, but I still have a few I use.  The Thai Fast Dictionary I find to be a fantastic t tool that helps me find words I don’t know.  I don’t know if this is the best one, to be honest it’s the only one I have tried, but it has been sufficient for me so I haven’t tried any others.

The Thai News app, lets me read Thai newspapers in one location.  The font can be increased in size so it’s easier to read.  It’s a great tool to let you read real Thai newspapers and keep up on Thai News.

The last app is Thai tunes app.  Even though it says tunes, that app actually lets you watch Thai TV through the app.  Now you can watch real Thai TV even if you are not in Thailand.

So these are the apps I use.  I know it’s not complete, but it’s what I use.  What apps do you use?



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