Go for a “B”

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In high school, I was pretty lazy.  I was plenty smart, and I’m not saying that as a brag, but I was lazy.  For example,  I took the ACT (SAT of the Western United states) without studying and got good enough score to get into a University.  I never took it again, because of that.  I also knew how many “easy A’s” I could get and their fore how many C’s to get so I would get B average.

When I went to University, something about paying for it myself, made me grow up and I got an A- average.   The study habits a created in University has helped me as I now learn Spanish on my own.  I learned how to “study everywhere” and to take advantage of the minutes of free time I find.  It has been a fantastic experience to go to University, but one thing I learned there held me back for a while.

How could it hold you back?

When at University, I learned not to accept less than the best I could possible do.  I never accepted just learning enough, I had to be one of the best.  This slowed my growth when I started learning Spanish.  How?  Because I would stay and work on lessons and subjects until I felt I had “earned an A.”

One would think this would make my Spanish better, but it didn’t.  I wasted time perfecting drills  and memorizing phrases like “I used to go to the store on Sundays.”  By waiting to go on, I was delaying what I could learn.  Delaying practicing what I learned in other contexts.  Delaying a deeper understanding than what the initial lesson taught me.

So how does one know when they are ready?

The mentality I had in high school is the best in this case.  Go for a “B.”  Anything less means you didn’t learn enough and anything more is a waste of time.  Getting a “B,” ensures that you feel like you have done enough, but wont lose interest in what you are learning.  Plus getting a B still gets you into College, right?



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