It’s so hard to say goodbye… another language

English: Flag of Portuguese language of Portug...

English: Flag of Portuguese language of Portugal-Brazil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s the end of the month and time to get rid of another language.  Each language I drop gets harder and harder to remove, but it’s not like I can effectively learn 8 or 9 languages at once!  It’s not like I am saying goodbye forever, I will be coming back to these languages eventually.  It’s still hard to say that this language or that didn’t make it to the end.  Okay, no more stalling:

And the next language to be removed is:

Portuguese! Yeah I know I have just gotten rid of all the romance languages now.  Believe me it wasn’t an easy decision.  If Italian and French are cousins to Spanish, than Portuguese must be a brother or sister.  If I want to stack up a lot of languages on my list of languages learned, then learning the 4 romance would make the most sense and I not only have gotten rid of them all, I have now gotten rid of the one that is the closest relative to Spanish.  What am I doing?

Not only is Portuguese closely related to Spanish, it’s also spoken by my Aunt from Brazil.  My wife’s Uncle met and married someone from Brazil and moved there with her.  After that I have become Facebook friends with her, but I have always wanted to go visit her in person.  Not that this necessarily stops me from doing that, but learning Portuguese would motivate me a lot to go.

Alas, I the language I have ultimately chosen has an even more deep and personal reason for me to learn it.  So as hard as it is to drop Portuguese, I have to.  The poll to the right is now closed, but a new one is being put in its place.  Last poll I asked, what language would you learn?  Now the next poll is which language do you think I have chosen to learn?  Vote in the poll and send me a comment in the poll or in the comments of this post on which of the 3 remaining languages do you think I chose to learn.  In case you don’t remember what they are they are:

  • ASL
  • Samoan
  • Mandarin




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