3 months and counting


Language (Photo credit: Jan Marlyn Reesman)

Last post I talked about which languages I’m not learning next year.  This means that there only 3 left that I could be possible learning.  Once again, for full disclosure, I’ve already chosen the language.  I know which one I learning, I just trying to build a little drama around the pick I guess.  On that note, don’t forget to take the poll on which language you think I will learn next.

Also on the right you will notice a big old count down calendar.  Thanks to a comment that was left of my fake post, I realized I had the year in wrong and now it’s counting down properly.  Not only are there 3 languages left, but there are 3 months left.  3 months to get as fluent as I can.  So I have reprioritized myself and set some goals to get me through the next 3 months.

More Speaking off the cuff

I have spent a good deal of my time, inadvertently  practicing my speaking in a very structured manner.  Nothing wrong with this as long as it’s balanced with unstructured practice as well.  So to fix this, 3 days a week will be spent with me doing “talk to the wall/steering wheel/mirror” practices as well as SYL conversations.  Two days a week will be still spent in more structured practice sessions.   Of course, any chance I can find to speak with a native I will jump at.  More on this in another post, but I can’t sweat it if can’t find them.

Read Harry Potter in Spanish

I read Harry Potter in Thai before I read it in English, at least the first 4 books.  The funny thing was that I spent over 10 minutes looking up the word muggles until I realized that it wasn’t a real word.  This will be my 3rd time reading it, but that is fine.  In fact it helps me with context.  I don’t think I would have been confident enough to do this with out my recent conversations with Catherine and my post on going for a “B.”

There are my goals.  Questions comments, please let me know what you think of my goals.  I have 3 more months left to do this so any encouragement would be great.  Plus, I am trying to figure out how to test my self in December, so if there are any ideas, please send them my way.




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2 responses to “3 months and counting

  1. Haha! I bet there are a lot of words in the HP books that aren’t real words. You must have scratched your head a lot.

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