What to do with my Red Headed Step-Child

Esperanto Demonstration

Esperanto Demonstration (Photo credit: Lennon Ying-Dah Wong)


I have a confession to make. I haven’t been completely honest with everyone.  It wasn’t an out right lie, more like an omission.   It’s not something I omitted with the intention to mislead.  In fact, it was never supposed to be apart of the blog.  Then the blog evolved into more than I thought it ever would be and this omission has stuck out, for me at least, like a sore thumb.  I could have continued on and non would be the wiser, but I just don’t work that way.  So I am opening up and being honest.  What is this huge omission?  Spanish is not the first language I have tried to learn since learning Thai, Esperanto is.


Esperanto estas lingvo por la tuta mondo


(Esperanto is a language for the whole world.)


I found Esperanto on the internet when I was learning about constructed languages.   Being the largest and most successful constructed language, it came up often.  I started learning it and got to a lower intermediate level at my best.  I joined Esperanto-USA and sometimes I would chat online.  I even became a volunteer tutor at Lernu.net.


The problem is that my motivation and skills in learning a language on my own, without living in an immersed environment, were very small. To be honest, trying to explain it to other people became tiring well.  I ultimately gave up actively participating in the Esperanto world, though the desire to learn another language stayed with me and I eventually started this blog because of it.


What do I do?


Now that you know, what do I do.  Should I continue to treat Esperanto as a red-headed step child and ignore it?  Or should I add it to my list of languages and actively pursue it?  I don’t know the answer, but I was hoing to get advice from all those who read this blog.  What should I do?  Send me a message or send me some your ideas in the comments below.  Thanks for helping!






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8 responses to “What to do with my Red Headed Step-Child

  1. Daǔrigu la lernadon de Esperanto! Oni neniam povas lasi sian unuan amon.

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