Thoughts at the end of Esperanto week

Governor of New Jersey at a town hall in Hills...

Governor of New Jersey at a town hall in Hillsborough, NJ 3/2/11 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Crazy week!  Super hurricane Sandy hit my country and though it didn’t come anywhere near my side of the Mississippi, several of Co-workers in those states were personally affected.  I started my Esperanto course, one I plan on adding to as I go.  I may start following the same concept with my Thai course, meaning that I might go ahead and post the “raw” versions online.  My availability to make things like that are so little, that turning around and editing them is even harder!

The Goal of Esperanto

There was another thought that happened this week that pertains to Esperanto.  Esperanto was designed to help bridge the gap between worlds.  Not that it alone could create world peace, but that it would help remove one of the obstacles to achieving it.  It was designed to help others communicate and come to a peaceful center.

I am about to cross a boundary I hardly ever cross on this blog.  I am going to talk politics!  This week also happened to be the last week of Elections, before the Vote next Tuesday in addition to the disaster that has happened.  After the storm had done its damage, New Jersey Governor and President Obama went to look at some of the damage.  Even though, they are from opposite parties and Governor Chris Christie has work very hard to put the Republican Challenger, Mitt Romney in office, They still worked together and said many nice things about each other.

This has somehow been blown in to this crazy thing.  How dare they do that?  Don’t they know they are supposed to hate each other?  This is the world that we live in!  In America its Democrats VS Republicans, Labor VS National in New Zealand, and Even Thailand has Red Shirts VS Yellow Shirts.   You have your political opinion and you may think you are right, but nothing good will happen if you don’t start caring about what the other side wants.

I don’t really want to start going too political.  I am not going to tell you who I am voting for, though some may know me enough to know who, because this blog is an open forum and an open discussion.  I have my opinions, but I want ALL to talk and all to listen.  No matter who I vote for, what I do ask for is for who ever it is to not be an “idealist” or in other words, someone who only listens to their own ideals and not those of others.

There you go, I finally made a political rant!  Don’t expect a lot of those.  Anyway I hope everyone goes and votes in your own elections and then does all they can to work with the other side of view, no matter who wins the election!



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3 responses to “Thoughts at the end of Esperanto week

  1. I own a flat in Thailand and so tried to learn the language. Total failure !
    I can also speak Esperanto fluently however. Great success!
    Your readers may also be interested in
    Good luck 🙂

    • Lernu is a great resource! I will make an esperanto Resource page soon, and it will be on the list for sure! Don’t give up on Thai. It’s a new way of thinking for sure, but you already know another language so it should make it easier this time! Thanks for reading

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