Not everything develops at the same rate….and that’s ok

Words have a power all their own

Words have a power all their own (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)

This week, I’ve had a little bit of an accomplishment.  It’s nothing large, but I did finish the Destinos Telecourse.  Not a real easy thing in that there are over 50 episodes, most of which are all in Spanish.  I do feel happy to know how it ends and to say I finished it.

By finishing it, I am now left me without a regular thing to listen to.   So I’ve been searching and I found my self back at  For those who don’t know, It is a website with an extensive library of audio and transcripts to go along with them.  All the words can then be either marked as words your know, or one can create a “lingq” with the definition for review later.    As I was using the website, I was reminded of some important things that we need to know when we are learning a new language.

The words we “know” are not the same in everything likes to make a big deal out of the words you “know.”  The hard part I have found was how to justify saying I “know” the word when I only recognize it when I read, and not necessarily when I hear it.  That is the thing we all must learn to get a handle on, not all of our language skills will be the same level at the same time.  Language skills can divided 4 ways: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.  What we can understand, when we read wont always be the same as what we can say.  Though the skills are related and in some cases they have many overlapping parts, They are none the less separate skills that will grow and develop at their own rate.

All that said, it’s ok for that to happen.  It’s ok to say you “know” a word even if you  don’t know it in every way possible.   When you know the word in one skill, you are more likely to develop it in other skills.  So don’t be afraid to say you know something, in fact I know English, Thai, Esperanto, and Spanish.  I may not know everything, but I do know them.  And next year I will begin to know another.  So lets all pat ourselves on the back and say we know and tomorrow we will know even more!



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