Tis the Season to be Sick

I've been sick for a couple of weeks now. I we...

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It’s that time of year again.  Time for the spreading of Peace, Joy, and Sickness.  When you have a family of 6 people, then you have 6 different ways for disease to come in and spread among the family.  It’s almost inevitable.  The question isn’t if I will get sick, it’s when.

That is exactly what happened this weekend and is still going on now.  Almost everyone in my family was sick for at least one day this weekend.  Most of us are still a little sick, though the end is near.  Sickness has an interesting way to mess up both your routine and your plans.  I did learn a few things this weekend that helped me stay motivated and learn some more Spanish.

Learn “sick” vocab

Look up and use the words that describe your symptoms.   Start large with the disease and then narrow it down to the symptoms you are having.  For example, I looked up the word for ‘Flu’ and found it was ‘gripe’.  Then I looked up how to say I have a fever (Tengo fiebre) and I am nauseous ( Estoy nauseas) and so on.  No better way to practice than to describe what you are currently going through now.

While you are at it, read the Health section of Newspapers in your language.  This will make sure you not only learn vocabulary, but the proper and most common ways to use them.  These two thinks will surprisingly keep your interest during those sick days.

Accept the change and take advantage of it

Do the things that you normally don’t do, but like to do.  For me this meant I spent more time doing Computer based language learning.  I don’t usually have a lot of consistent time to get on the computer so I typically don’t do any of the computer bases learning.  You could also get that book out that you normally don’t have time to read (in your target language of course).

If you are able to use a computer or a laptop, consider having an online chat in your target language.  SharedTalk by Rossetta Stone offers many language exchange opportunities through Chatroom, IM, or even Voice chat.

Just because life messes up with your plans, like making you sick, doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it.  Take advantage of the situation and make the most of it!  What do you do on Sick days? Share with us in the comments below


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