What happened?

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This has been a crazy week!  I have less than a month to get as good at Spanish as I can get, and yet this week went by with hardly any Spanish being learned.  It started great and then next thing I know, I am looking at a week of very little Spanish.  No progress was made and it’s possible I went a little backwards?

How could I let this happen?  To be honest, at first I didn’t know.  Sure, I have been busy, but that has never been an excuse to not do at least something to move my progress forward.  It’s been bothering me all weekend.  And then suddenly, I realized what happened.  I broke one of my oldest rules!

What rule did I break?

The rule was find an opportunity to learn in everything I do!  I’ve got all kinds of tricks and schemes in my file folder of language learning, but what good does it do me if I don’t use every little minute I find to use them.

Ever wonder why airlines will over book flights?  It’s because, unlike other businesses, they sell time.  If a Pen doesn’t get sold today, it can be sold tomorrow.  Airlines, however, sell a seat at a specific time. If that seat is not filled when the plane leaves, then they can never sell that seat again. It’s gone forever.

We are like that too!  Every minute of our day is valuable.  We can fill it or waste it.  I don’t expect one to ignore your work or family obligations, just find away to improve your foreign language learning in the cracks between them and maybe even do it at the same time if possible.

The thing I like about Sundays, it lets me “Repent”  and start a new.  I have less than a month to get as good at Spanish as I can get!  I will do my best and make sure I don’t waste the time I can’t get back again.


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