What a week it has been!!!

Ups and downs of Language learning

Crazy, crazy, busy week.  I’ve been doing projects at work and almost all my time has been devoted to them.  I love the projects, but it has meant a lot of things have been put to lower levels, including this blog.  I’ve missed it a lot.  There is so much good that comes out of this blog. I truly do hope that I can help others learn languages.  I don’t try to give false expectations on what it does and doesn’t take as a language learner, but I hope to give small advice and encouragement.

All that said, this blog helps me more than I think I help others.  It helps me organize my thoughts, set a game plan and be accountable for what I say I am going to do.  I’m not always successful, but I hope this blog helps keep me going even when things get the hardest.

Since it has been almost a week since I have been able to be on to write, I thought I would give a little summary of the ups and downs of my week.  Despite not being able to write, I have had many an opportunity to feel good and bad.  So here they are.

The Ups

Despite my business, I have kept a solid learning routine.  I have had to be more flexible as I tried juggle work, family, and other obligations, but with a little bit of creativity, I have done a lot.  During Church, I tried to translate what he said in to Spanish.  I was very close to being able to keep up with him and I had many an opportunity to learn a new word as well.

I don’t usually get opportunities to get on Skype or have internet exchanges, but this week I did.  I had a fun conversation with someone in Colombia and despite the errors, I was able to keep up and hold an interesting conversation.  I even learned about why Texas and Mexico are pronounced like Tejas and Mejico but don’t have the ‘j’ in them.

The Downs

Despite finding things to do to learn, I haven’t been able to do the things I really wanted to do.  I haven’t read Harry Potter for several weeks and I have rarely been able to listen to podcast/radio or any things else to give me exposure to spoken Spanish.  I know I need to just accept my situation, but it still is frustrating to me.

The other was, I was put on the spot to talk with someone face to face and I choked!  I totally choked!  Part of it was my shyness took over, part of it was that It happened at the end of a day where I had struggled to do much in the way of learning, and part was that we were in a conversation in English already and everyone else was speaking English so everyone wanted to revert to English.  All that said, I still choked.  I failed to keep a conversation going and I was upset for an hour or so!

I have a the rest of the week of from work and I have only days left till I am officially moving on to a new language project.  So I need to make the most of my situation.  Despite starting a new language, I want to record a video at the end of this month/beginning of next month in Spanish.  So if you could send me a few comments on what you would like me to speak about, otherwise I will talk about what ever I want.  Anyway thanks for reading.


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