Language for 2013 is……SAMOAN

Samoan Beach Fale - Samoa

Samoan Beach Fale – Samoa (Photo credit:

Yes it’s official, I am learning Samoan in 2013.  It was a hard decision to make, but ultimately I want my kids to have an understanding of who they are and where they come from.  Since they are one-quarter Samoan, I want them to grow up appreciating what that means.  This reason was the ultimate reason why I chose Samoan over all the other languages.  It has the least practical use for me and the least amount of resources, but it had the highest motivation for me to learn it.

Speaking of resources, I have collected several resources over the last few months using Evernote and I have already started to a Samoan resource page of the ones I have had a chance to review.  Samoan does not have a large amount of free resources online like Spanish.  A good and bad point is that Samoan does not have a plethora of courses, free or paid, like Spanish does.  This means I am not having to filter through a lot of courses, but it also means I have less to choose from.

All of the resources I will be using will primarily come from 3 course manuals I have got my hands on: The book Gangana Samoa, The Peace Corp’s manual for learning Samoan, and the one I am most excited about is the Samoan for Mormon Missionaries.  The Gangana Samoan book needs to be purchased, but the other 2 are available on my Samoan resource page.

Other Changes

I am planning on making some changes, going forward, to how I blog.  I enjoy giving my insights and opinions on how to learn as a full-time busy father, but I have missed things over the last few months and I just recently realized what it was.  I have slowly done less and less keeping you all up to date on my progress, my ups and downs, and my successes and failures.

Once a week I will devote a post primarily to just what I am doing and how I am doing at it.  I don’t want to make it glued to a specific day.  I used to do Spanish Friday and Thai Mondays and it became a chore to blog and every thing get  done half way when I do that.  But I will make sure it is once a week.

The other thing is about my other languages.  I want to develop them and move them forward as well.  I had spent one week a month learning and perfecting a language outside my primary one, but this seemed like I never got anything done.  By the time I would finally get momentum, the  week was over and all my progress was lost.

So I am going to try something new.  All the Odd numbered months will be devoted primarily to the learning of Samoan.  Every other even month will be devoted primarily to the learning of one of my 3 other foreign languages.  That way I can still, not just keep up, but improve all my languages and I will give my self enough time to actually do it.

There ya go.  That is the direction I plan on taking this blog for at least the next year.  In honor of the new year I am putting a Youtube video of a song that will help you all learn a little Samoan. Wish me luck everyone, I am going to need it this year.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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4 responses to “Language for 2013 is……SAMOAN

  1. I’m having the same problem as you with my 2013 language. So far I only have one book and Livemocha is the only online resource I have been able to find. I haven’t found a single podcast worthwhile and the book I really wanted is out of print!

    Maybe we should collaborate on a project where we list resources for learning different languages. Haha.

  2. Mae

    “it became a chore to blog and every thing get done half way when I do that” – I know what you mean!
    Samoan – what a choice! I wish you all the best for your language journey!

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