My Language Learning System

I have written a four part course on how to learn any language at any level using my system. I would recommend you read all the parts to truly understand my system. You can read them at these links:

For a summary here is the steps:

  1. Gather as many free/paid courses and language learning activities that you can
  2. Separate them into Input based and Output based activities(if the activity has you listen first then speak, it is Input)
  3. Separate the input based into Structured and Unstructured based activities. Do the same for the Output based courses. Also organize them based on level.
  4. Every other week switch off using Input only and then Output only. Pick Two structured and two unstructured based activities to work on that week and switch every other day doing Structured and than unstructured. Do this 6 days a week and On Sunday you rest.
  5. *Note* These are days of Emphasis and not hard fast rules. When opportunities present or hinder certain activities, embrace the situation and make the most of it using what ever you can to learn.
  6. Separately, read every other day for at least 15 minutes using structured and unstructured methods.  Read part 4 above to get more information about that

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