Real Spanish Conversation Fillers

Every Language is more than just Subject + Verb + Object(or whatever order it comes in).  In a real conversation you will have conversation fillers.  Some people call them conversational connectors.  What ever you call them they are what bridges you from one sentence to the other in a natural way.  This is where real fluency begins.  As I learn/hear/remember these phrases, I will post them here on this page.  You will want to check back often so that you get the most up to date list that I have.

  • Con mucho gusto – With Pleasure
  • ¿Qué hay (aqui)? – What are you doing here? (Not literally, more like a ‘was up’)
  • Sin duda – without a doubt
  • ¿Qué pasa (pasó)? – What’s happening (happened)?
  • Ya no – Not anymore
  • Tiene la hora? – Do you have the time?
  • A demás…. – In addition….
  • Estaría bien – That would be fine
  • Ciertos lugares – Certain places
  • En voz alta – out loud
  • Difinitivamente – Definitely
  • En qué  piensas – what are you thinking about?
  • Ya verás – you’ll see
  • me falta (action) – I still need to (action)
  • nunca le hizo mal a nadie – never heart anybody
  • De todos modos – Anyway…
  • By the way – A propósito
  • [number] horas seguidas – [number] hours straight
  • me hizo…. – made me….
  • Déjame adivinar – let me guess
  • que sea – for whatever reason
  • a menos – unless
  • sino tambien – but also
  • cuenta con – count on

Keep looking for additions as I find them.


What do you think? Please comment below.

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