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You’re Fat!!!

When ever you go to a new country, there is undoubtably going to be a culture shock.  Thai culture is no exception to that rule.  I loved learning and living in Thai culture when I was there.    The one thing about Thai culture, that  I always found interesting was how Thais could be so polite and respectful one moment( This is called เกรงใจ  kreng jai in Thai) and then they will turn around and tell you that you are fat the next moment.  In fact I was called fat, or some variation of fat, by almost everyone I was introduced to in Thailand.

I soon realized that physical characteristics are fair game in Thailand.  I also quickly learned that words like fat don’t always have the negative implication that automatically goes with the same word in English.  To a Thai, saying “you are looking kinda round today” is no more offensive than saying “you are looking very lovely today.”  Both are just observations.  In fact, bothare usually said with a sense of endearment.  Me being called fat all the time, helped me get one of my favorite nicknames that I ever received, while in Thailand.

Nicknames in Thailand

Let me step back for a moment and talk about another bit of  Thai culture. Continue reading



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Silly Fools….

Who would have ever thought that I would love Thai rock music?  I still remember the first Rock song I heard was by a group called Black head!  Not long after that I was introduced to Loso, Taxi, Palmy, and many others.  Loved them!

I haven’t been in Thailand for 10 years now (Man that’s a long time!),  so I am not up to date with all the current fads.  However, when I was there, my favorite Band was Silly fools.  My favorite album would also have to be Juicy!  Their music was entertaining and fun to sing too!

You can learn so much Thai when you learn to sing it.  Words in songs don’t help you learn how to order a plate of rice, but they are words or phrases that can and do come up in a regular conversation believe it or not.  It’s amazing the usefulness one Thai song can have

An example

Lets take for example a song by Silly Fools called Khii Heung(ขี้หึง). Right there is a useful phrase.  It uses the Thai Grammar point of ขี้(khii), which by itself means to defecate or the defecation itself, and adds it to the word หึง which means to be jealous, like a lover would be jealous of a potential rival.  Together make the descriptive word: ขี้หึง, which means a tendency to be a jealous partner.

Believe it or not, after hearing this song and looking that word up in the dictionary, the very next day someone was telling me about their friends husband and she refered to him as ขี้หึง.  It was so excited I didn’t have to say, what does that mean?  In fact I almost stopped listening to what she said because I was so proud of myself.

I could go on and find more examples in this one song, but I don’t have to!  You can go on YouTube and not just watch the video, but read the lyrics at the same time!  This is the other fun part about Thai culture They love Karaoke!  Every Thai album comes out with a Karaoke version of it!  How great is that!

Anyway, here is the full song and video for you viewing pleasure.  See what you can learn from it.



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