Thai Resources

The best single location for all the free resources is found at Women Learn Thai. Catherine Wentworth has things for all levels.  While you are there you can check out interviews of successful language learners to help motivate yourself,  especially of yours truly.    There is also so much Thai language learning posts there.  I was given an opportunity to guest post an article about the Speak Your Language method, which is the basis for my pod casts that I am creating to help teach Thai.   It is truly a fantastic site for Thai language learners.

The Best online Thai dictionary is

A list of my Blog post related to Thai

Another good site is found at Tower of Babelfish has Thai lessons for free

A fantastic list of classifiers

Thai Recordings – an set of free intermediate Thai recordings for free

Josh Sagers blog is also a good source of language learning materials.

The Sounds of Thai is a PDF I created to explain the sounds of Thai and how to make the tones.  It is intended to be a primer and a reference for those learning the sounds of Thai.

Manii readers(I found these at (


7 responses to “Thai Resources

  1. Mia

    Hi there,
    I’m I’ve been following your blog for a while, I love the way you write It’s very resourceful blog indeed.
    My name is Mia, I’m the founder of
    I’d like to introduce you to the new feature on my site. It’s call learning Thai with Maanee books.
    I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about this books before BUT what I want to do is translate all 12 books into English since the ministry of Thai education has granted a copyright to me.
    The feature on the site will be the scan of each page, Thai text, transliteration, translation and audio. Right now, I’m working publishing grade2 book 2.
    Ultimately, if I have good feedback, I’d like to make it the best resource on the web for the Maanee all 12 books. Absolutely free!!!
    On the one hand it should be a place where foreigners can learn Thai. On the other hand, I’m hoping young Thais can use it to improve their English and learn about Maanee.Absolutely free!!!

    Please check out Maanee book’s project on my site

    Interview with the author of Maanee’s books

    I’m open for your feedback, comment and if you would considered to add the link to Maanee books I’m sure it will a great resource for foreigners to learn Thai

    • Thank you for reading my blog and sharing this resource with me and everyone. I am adding this right now! I love the Manee books!

      I was introduced to them, briefly, before I went to Thailand. I was sad to find out they were no longer in use. It really gives an insight into Thai culture that is hard to explain otherwise. Thanks again.

  2. Mia

    Thank you for adding Maanee books to your Thai resources. This will help Thai learners understand Thai culture and tradition. How far did you read Maanee books?
    BTW, I’m the fan of your blog post here and WomanlearnThai..great work!!

    • No problem. Thank you for letting me know about it. Its a great site. I agree that the Manee books are a great resource not just for learning Thai language, but Thai culture as well. I am very impressed you got permission from the goverment, no easy feat in Thailand.

      I have finished up to book three just straight reading, but right now I am also translating the early books into Spanish as an exercise.

      Thanks for reading my blog, but It’s nothing compared to Catherine’s site at WomenLearnThai I like it too.

  3. Hello,
    My name is Hugh, and I am the author of a new website for learning Thai. In particular I would be very happy if you could add the section to your list of resources.

    This is basically a collection of hundreds of aural vocabulary flashcards which are grouped into thematic lessons (e.g. colours, clothes, food, …). Study is via quizzes which remember your previous answers so automatically adapt which questions to show you.

    I am steadily adding more and more recordings, and have plans to expand the ways in which the vocabulary ( and phrases ( are dialogues ( are taught.


  4. farangthai

    It is incredibly encouraging anytime a westerner who has learned Thai speaks up and shows us it can be done. Many learners feel like they are chasing a goal that can’t be reached so its good to see this site!

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